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Event code SCH 21/433 
Event description This course has been commissioned by the ELP Business Committee for ELP Schools.
This course is run by the NAHT . Following the government response to the 2019 consultation on financial transparency for maintained schools, this new course will update school leaders on:

changes to financial regulations
related party transactions
school budget management
preparation for the “hard” funding formulae
include planning 3 year budgets and less about changes in regulations.
Plans for reasonably accurate scenarios e.g. growth in experienced level of staff and decreased pupil numbers


This course will give you the tools to review your current operational structures. By analysing internal teaching, learning and support structures, you can develop an operational model that is both optimal to present circumstances and also sustainable into the future.

This training will support you to identify how you can work collaboratively with other local schools to maximise economies of scale in both staffing and resources.


Update on the latest proposed financial regulations for maintained schools
Understand the implications of the hard funding formulae
Learn how to analyse your current teaching and support staff structures to identify areas where savings can be made
Have the opportunity to learn about financially efficient school structures and best practice models
Learn how to develop a school financial recovery plan to drive through efficiencies and savings that don't compromise teaching and learning 
Training objectives • Review and discuss the proposed financial changes for maintained schools and how to implement these changes
• Discuss best practice models for working collaboratively with other schools
• Consider communication strategies to maximise the benefits of working collaboratively
• Evaluate best practice staffing structures
• Discuss and develop ideas for developing a financially viable and sustainable collaboration infrastructure incorporating economies of scale 
Target Group Headteachers and SBMs, any leader who wishes to know more about this topic 
Key stages
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Subject areas Business administration and management
Target audience Bursars, Headteachers, School business managers, School leadership team
OFSTED areas
Professional Standards
Venue Zoom, Video Conferencing, N/A map
Admin contact Michelle Waters (watersm@ealing.gov.uk)
Event Commissioner Alison Bennett (abennett@ealing.gov.uk)
Course Costs
Standard cost£10.00
X SLA n/a£10.00
Start date Wednesday 7 July 2021
Times 09:30 - 12:30
Number of sessions 1  
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