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Event code SCH 21/508 
Event description This course is now full , to book onto the reserve list please email watersm@ealing.gov.uk

The course is run by ISBL and has been commissioned by the ELP Business Commitee and is being subsisidsed by ELP. The cost of delegate palces is £10.00 per delegate.

ICFP stands for Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning. It helps a school use resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. It does so by systematically analysing all aspects of the educational provision within a school setting to ensure that financial management planning ensures an appropriate balance in the allocation and expenditure of resources.
ICFP is an important way to review a school’s financial and resource management planning and use against its widest curriculum delivery aims. It integrates the school and trust’s teaching and learning ambitions and financial resource management into one approach.
ICFP uses a reasonably simple set of metrics that assist with collaborative decision-making across the leadership triangle, requiring involvement from school business professionals, senior pedagogical leaders and governors/trustees. We use the ISBL Approach to ICFP in all our training.

This session will include a short activity where participants will be asked to put what they have learnt into practice. The trainer will be available to support and ask questions during this activity.
Participant numbers are capped at max 20 to allow all delegates to fully participant and have their questions answered. 
Training objectives • Review the importance of ICFP in ensuring efficient resource use in schools.
• Understand how correct data lays the foundation for calculating and analysing metrics, interpreting them to make recommendations to inform strategic decision-making.
• Understand the need for balance in resource use and the consequences of imbalance.
• How to make sure the metric calculations are based on accurate data for all metric types: balances, staffing and non-staffing.
• Understand and be confident in which metrics are essential to use, and why, to assist strategic decision-making.
• Understand how and why to use benchmarking and threshold.
• Recognise the benefits of using tools to facilitate your calculation and use of metrics 
Target Group this course is primarily for the School Business Manager however, you may wish to attend with your Headteacher or Headteacher attend with other finance person from the school 
Key stages
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Subject areas Business administration and management
Target audience School business managers
OFSTED areas
Professional Standards
Venue Microsoft Teams (Online), ., . map
Admin contact Michelle Waters (watersm@ealing.gov.uk)
Event Commissioner Alison Bennett (abennett@ealing.gov.uk)
Course Costs
Standard cost£10.00
X SLA n/a£10.00
Start date Tuesday 16 November 2021
Times 09:30 - 12:30
Number of sessions 1