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This event is suitable for Ealing maintained schools and all other schools
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Event code SCH 23/030 
Event description This training is designed for Headteachers and Deputy Heads who feel they have not had previous experience in Finance matters or do not feel confident in terms of their role  or future role in school finance. In the training we shall attempt to cover:

·       Statutory role of Governors/statutory role of headteachers   - how these 2 roles “intersect” in practice. The roles in general and in particular in relation to school finance.

·       What is the role of the School Business manager/School Finance Officer, - the differences between these 2 roles and what Headteachers can expect from both.

·       Financial consultants – what they can do.

·       The level of understanding of budgeting and financial management needed by Headteachers.

·       What are the “main” elements of a school budget and how are they determined?

·       Financial monitoring – at school level and at Governing Body level. The Head’s part in both of these. 
Training objectives Knolwedge building on finance tasks
Statutory understanding in relation to school finance
Ability to understand the budget and monitoring of the budget in greater depth 
Target Group All new Headteachers or those requiring additional focus on finance knowledge building. Suitable for deputies and aspiring headteachers to ensure they are ready for headship in future and finance responsibilities. Suitable for all governors. 
Key stages
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Subject areas Finance
Target audience Aspiring deputy headteachers, Deputy/assistant headteachers , Governors: All, Headteachers
OFSTED areas Leadership and management
Professional Standards
Venue via Microsoft Teams (online), ., . map
Admin contact Michelle Waters (
Event Commissioner Alison Bennett (
Course Costs
Standard cost£100.00
Workforce development SLA£75.00
Start date Wednesday 28 September 2022
Times 14:00 - 16:30
Number of sessions 1