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Short URL https://schools.ealingcpd.org.uk/courses/bookings/c_detail.asp?cid=12740 
Event code SCH 17/410 
Event description

Evaluating CPD Make the most of the CPD Standard to increase the impact of CPD on staff and pupil learning - and meet the DfE requirements This three part programme helps you use the DfE Standard for Teacher Professional Development to plan, support and evaluate the effectiveness of your CPD for colleagues and pupils. In particular you will be able to access CUREE’s acclaimed tools for generating naturally occurring evidence for evaluating the impact of CPD and connecting staff and pupil learning. Rebecca Raybould – is an Associate of the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE) where her role focuses on supporting schools in developing effective CPD. She has experience as a headteacher, adviser and coach. Rebecca will draw on examples from CUREE’s extensive work with schools, networks and organisations to quality mark their CPD and provide in-depth developmental support. “This has been so helpful in helping us move forward in evaluating our CPD. Rebecca has provided lots of practical help and relevant research.” Attending the three workshops (January 16th, March 27th and June 5th 2018) will enable you to use the extensive international evidence about effective CPD to build CPD capacity in your school, network or alliance and judge its impact. Across the programme’s three sessions you will: • review current practice to identify strengths and development areas across your existing offer • identify ways of increasing the effectiveness of your CPD offer • develop a manageable action plan to strengthen your CPD • select tools for collecting and exploring on-going evidence and • reflect on your progress and its impact. This series of workshops is suitable for: • Leaders/providers of CPD in schools • Leaders/providers of CPD for groups, networks and alliances of schools • heads, deputies and members of the senior leadership team and • facilitators of CPD Colleagues who successfully complete the programme can follow a fast track route to becoming a CUREE accredited Skein Associate. See further details of this at: http://www.skein.org.uk/ Please tell us more about yourself at this link to ensure the programme is tailored to have greatest impact for you https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CVK3SJF Price: £240 (discount of 50% on usual prices) or free to Ealing CPD SLA schools Additional discount offer: for groups of 3+ from one school

Training objectives

Benefits: • Gain key tools that can be used to strengthen your CPD • Explore examples of practical CPD strategies • Engage in professional discussions to enable you to learn from colleagues in other schools and alliances • Develop your understanding of the 5 key elements of effective CPD through interactive activities

Target Group

This series of workshops is suitable for; Leaders/providers of CPD in schools; Leaders/providers of CPD for groups, networks and alliances of schools; heads, deputies and members of the senior leadership team; and facilitators of CPD.

Subject areas
Target audience
target audience
OFSTED areas Achievement of pupils at the school, Quality of teaching in the school, Quality of leadership and management in the school
Professional Standards
Ealing Education Centre, Mansell Road, UB6 9EH
Admin contact Mohid Hasham (eec@ealing.gov.uk)
Event Commissioner Angela Doherty (adoherty@ealing.gov.uk)
Course Costs
Standard cost cost£240.00
CPD/Training SLA cost£0.00
Funding information
Start date Tuesday 16 January 2018
Times 10:45 - 16:30
Number of sessions This event has 3 sessions.