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Event code SCH 20/242 
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Assessment moderation event for teachers in year 5 

This half-day event is for primary school class teachers in those year groups where there are no statutory assessment arrangements. They will also be of interest to senior leaders who wish to develop a more secure understanding of standards and progress in the revised National Curriculum. 

It is designed to support consistent judgements, across schools in Ealing, about the attainment of pupils as they approach the end of the school year. They form part of Ealing’s Assessment Strategy which seeks to promote good assessment practice and to ensure that pupils’ progress is maintained as they move from one class to another and when they transfer to another school.

Tuesday 11th February 2020
Time: 13:00 - 16:00

Suggested evidence to bring

This is not a definitive link but a suggestion of the evidence that could support your judgements

Please bring to the sessions evidence for reading and writing


- Children’s exercise books and other examples of written work in a variety of forms and for a range of purposes and audiences, taken from the whole of the school year. This should include ‘rough’ work as well as ‘finished’ examples.

- Written work from other subjects as well as English, including cross-curricular projects.

- Examples of children’s independent must include writing about their own and others’ experiences (real and fictional).

- Other evidence which you consider relevant.


- Current reading book(s) - individual and guided

- Phonics records and results of Phonics Screening Check

- Reading running records

- Videos

- Reading records/logs and journals/diaries

- Miscue analysis and reading tests

- Observational notes

- Reading tests and comprehension activities-oral and written

- Guided reading tasks

- Book reviews

- Speaking and Listening Activities

You should also print out the paperwork or bring them electronically as you will need to refer to them during the training session

Training objectives This event will give participants the opportunity to present evidence from two pupils in their class in reading and writing. In each subject, one pupil will, in the teacher’s judgement, be working just in line with end-of-year expectations and the other will have attained the end-of-year expectations and will be working at greater depth within them.

What delegates need to bring along 

Participants will need to bring with them relevant evidence for each pupil at each standard in each subject (workbooks, cross-curricular project work, reading records, short videos (on portable devices), teacher notes etc.); they could select the same two pupils for the two subject areas or two different pupils for each subject.

For further guidance, participants may wish to refer to the Ealing exemplification materials which be found on the Ealing Grid for Learning.

Class teacher participants will work in pairs and will have the chance to work with colleagues from different schools in the borough in the course of the half-day. Please note that these sessions will only be productive if class teacher participants bring with them the relevant evidence for each pupil in each subject. 
Target Group Year 5 teachers 
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Ealing Education Centre, Mansell Road, UB6 9EH
Admin contact Shakeiya Hill (eec@ealing.gov.uk)
Event Commissioner Tina Birch (tbirch@ealing.gov.uk)
Course Costs
Standard cost£125.00
CPD/Training SLA£0.00
*Ealing Learning Partnership pay as you go£113.00
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Start date Tuesday 11 February 2020
Times 13:00 - 16:00
Number of sessions 1