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Short URL https://schools.ealingcpd.org.uk/courses/bookings/c_detail.asp?cid=19183 
Event code SCH 21/533 
Event description

This one day training offers practical approaches to developing teaching, learning and support strategies for all staff working directly with young people on the autism spectrum (including tutors, learning support practitioners, assessors, trainers and job coaches)

FACE to FACE / Zoom - TBC

Digital Training Information

We are doing our best to provide you with the same high standard of training experience that you would expect if you attend our sessions in person. 

We know that practitioners gain the most from training that is interactive and this can be difficult to replicate online, with issues such as poor or intermittent internet connections. In order to produce the best quality training, please help by agreeing to:

·         Name your device before entering training, in order that we can verify who you are. For security reasons, you will not be admitted from the virtual waiting room if your device is not named or is simply called iPhone or iPad, for instance.

·         Test your equipment prior to the training session

·         Join the session 5-10 minutes before the start time and you will be admitted to the waiting room.

·         Switch your video on to facilitate a visual and ‘connected’ session.

·         Please note that our administrators may mute attendees’ microphones at times during the session to minimise background noise and feedback to aid clarity for all of the participants.

·         Please interact in the session when invited to comment or ask questions.

·         Depending on the training there maybe breakout sessions, where you will be invited to join a smaller group to discuss and share thoughts, to be reported back to the whole group.

·         Content shared within the training must not recorded.

·         Content must not reproduced without prior explicit permission from the presenters.

Training objectives

Develop your understanding of autism and what makes good autism practice.
Provide you with practical strategies to support outcomes and experiences for the students with whom your work.
Provide you with tools to develop and evaluate your practice and that of your setting.

Target Group

Tutors, learning support practitioners, assessors, trainers and job coaches

Subject areas
Target audience
target audience
OFSTED areas Achievement of pupils at the school, The behaviour and safety of pupils at the school, Quality of education, Personal development
Professional Standards
Springhallow School, Compton Close, W13 0JG
Admin contact Nichola Curran (outreach@springhallow.ealing.sch.uk)
Event Commissioner Nichola Curran (outreach@springhallow.ealing.sch.uk)
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Funding information
Start date Thursday 4 November 2021
Times 09:30 - 16:30
Number of sessions 1